Stop thinking and (unintentionally) ship SwanQueen
To give you faith in Swan Queen. (Audiovisual and theater student POV)

Sooo, I watched the last episode of season 1 and 3 episodes of season 2. I decided to analyze it rather than just looking to enjoy. And I saw some things. Sorry in advance for all the spelling and grammar mistakes, there will be many.. I hope you will understand me though.

I was an “Art of cinema and theater” student, so here’s my “profesional” point of view. I did my best for it to be enjoyable and easy to read and understand :) So, enjoy !

  • Last episode of season 1 : I know that Emma and Regina have the habit to forgot everything when Henry’s life is threatened.. but come on, Emma understand few MINUTES ago that Regina is the worst villain of them all, the Evil Queen.. and.. I don’t know, she request her for help, she trust her, she cares about her point of view for saving Henry. Ok, it’s for him but seriously.. ? I would have already run away  from her. Like, really fucking fast. Not to mention the fact that Regina just said she tried to kill her 2 secondes earlier.. Emma : doooon’t caaaaaaaareeee ~
  • When Emma was in the elevator, she called Regina’s name twice and it’s maybe (certainly) my ears but I have the impression to have heard "Gina" the first time. Really. It makes no sense, go watch, and tell me if it’s just me. Or just Emma who chews her words.
  • When Emma brokes the curse, the voice of Regina saying You did it”, seems more like “relief” than anger or anxiety. Maybe it’s because she refer to Henry but.. I’m not sure. Again, watch and tell me your thoughts
  • First episode of season 2 : I don’t need to explain the whole “true love is magic, transcend realms” or “magic is about emotion” thing, for the “magic touch” scene. And for those who will tell me "Emma said to Regina that she’s alive just to enable her to save Henry" in the last episode of season 1 : She literally sacrifices herself to save her from the wraith by pushing her away. Your argument is invalide.
  • When Emma and Snow falled down in the portal, Regina made a little movement as to catch them up too late.. like she just realize they’re gone. She’s shaken for few second before becoming the Evil Queen again, but when Henry come in, and ask where Emma and Snow are.. just fucking listens HER VOICE !! And look at HER FACE !


  • For seconds she’s almost TEARFUL and there’s SOBS in her voice. That’s not relief AT ALL. Maybe because Henry is in front of her she don’t smile or laugh, but.. she really seems sad. And worry. Watch it too, it’s worth it.
  • … Did I really need to say that she wears the shirt that Emma had worn at the beginning of the season 1 ? Just know that in movies or tv show, the mise en scene, the light, the “framing” (?) and the costumes are really important. Every costumes says someting, and it’s never randomly used. If I remember well, she wears it after she told Henry she wants to reedem herself. So, unless that the crew who works for OUaT don’t fucking care about the most basic laws of staging… It means something.
  • Emma told Cora “I kind of share him with Regina. It’s complicated”, like everyone knows. Let’s analyse that line too ok ? It’s humor. Comic is mostly used for telling a subtext. Did I have to say more ? .__. Plus, the scene is supposed to be tense and dangerous.  For the benefit of the story, Emma has to say that Henry is the son of Regina’s too in front of Cora. But the way she said that, while her mother told her to shut up.. Nope. It’s not just a funny line just here for the sake of the continuity of the story. 

I don’t say I’m right, I just analyse some episodes with my art googles :) 


Anyway, after all those little things, I began to think seriously at the “Swan Queen endgame theorie”. I made many many many scenarios in my head. The most realistic possible. For now, apart for the cricket game, all the Swan Queen scenes was subtext. In movies or Tv Shows, when the scenarists wanna show that two characters will be together ; they really show it.. For now I remain pessimistic, exept for the cricket game, who is just THE swan queen episode.

Let’s do this quickly and simply, I’ll add my analyse only if it’s not obvious :

Emma invited her.

Regina was alone.

Emma run after her.

Awkward talk (no subtext anymore = potential real relation like I explain previously).

Daniel’s parallel. (Her mother is watching the whole scene don’t forget. It’s HUGE)

Regina said she was sorry for the FIRST TIME to someone else than Henry (who is supposedly the only person she loves in Storybrooke).

Cora seen the scene, and decided to trick Regina at this moment, like she said. She want her broken relative to Henry, but here it’s just an iconic scene where the villain took the weakness of his victim to hurt her.

Emma believe in her innocence, says she know her, and “that look”.. not even need to say it’s really huge. Here, if Snow had told something like “You like her ?” or just “You appreciate her ?” ; it went great in the story, and the audience would not have been surprised that much, even those who don’t ship them, because of the atmosphere. (It’s a real analyse, absolutly profesional, it’s not my shipper heart, it’s a fact). 

Emma lose faith in Regina (dreamcatcher thing). 

Regina expect Emma’s coming for apologize, like she said when she opens the door.

When the "You can use magic ?" thing, her voice and her face are NOT.AT.FUCKING.ALL those of a mad person. Idem for the Emma’s smile.

Emma screamed at Regina, Regina used magic against her. I called that a fight (Yes, it’s important)

Emma, alias the only person that Regina actually like enough for apologize to her, tell her “And who you will always be” thing

Regina, who is supposed to be a super villain, don’t kill her for that (let’s be honest, tell this to someone who tried to redeem hiself for being good.. hum. I’d be enough frustrated and angry to kill everyone) and disappear. 

Plan on Emma’s face.

Later, Regina’s crying, looking at Henry and Emma.

… WELL. This is not remain you something ? Like.. a fucking bad romantic scenario ?


1 : Regina 

2 : Emma

3 : Cora alias “bad guy”

1 is sad. 2 invited 1. 1 left the diner. 2 run after 1. awkward talk. Hope. Smiles. 3 made evil plan to separate 1 and 2. 2 still have hope and believe in 1. False proofs against 1. 2 looses faith. SADNESS. 2 screams against 1. 1 “hit” 2. 2 says an horrible thing to 1. 1 is sad. 1 left. at the end 1 cries seeing 2. 3 is happy.

… Take that shit, replace every scene of it, by any romantic movie with a bitch in it who want to separate the two lovers.. SURPRISE. It works.

Add the perfect parallel with Snowing a.k.a the “true love” couple.. It was an episode with real romantic issues. I don’t fucking know if the writers are genius or idiots. Really. Everything is here, but it’s not exploited. That’s why I’m a Swan Queen shipper : desired or not by its creators, this romance is a masterpiece of audiovisual art.

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