Stop thinking and (unintentionally) ship SwanQueen

SWEN is the place I come to forget real things like my brother going to another country, my parents health or my money problems. This is where I crave to be when all goes wrong. I’m not a big fan of getting attention but for once I just really want you to know that I may be cheerful and doing stupid things all the time, life is hard for everyone. When I say you ARE my second family I mean it. And I DO love you even if it’s weird and “not normal” for society or people. 
I didn’t want that to become this big but I just had to say something.

Sorry if I seems egocentric with all that. Sorry to not be able to be a part of the SQ movement, who is such a beautiful project, because I have “no time”. Sorry to not be able to answer all of you at time. Sorry if I even forget to answer you. I don’t claims cheerful messages after that, nor want anyone to feel guilty (okay anon?). I just wanted to express myself, for real, for once. 

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    We love you too!! And I’m so sorry to hear about your stress, and I’m also very sorry if you feel pressured. I only hope...
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    J ai pas tout compris car je suis nulle en anglais mais dans les grandes lignes …. 😜 Tu fais un boulot extraordinaire ,...
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